Our Amazing Teachers, Staff, and PTA
Who Inspire Students to Become IRON Miners 
You may email any of our wonderful teachers at firstname.lastname@ironmail.org.
The PTA can be contacted by email at ironspringselementarypta@gmail.com

Front Office

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Mr. Jenkins

missing-Student ID-8.jpg

Mrs. Melody Wilson

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Mrs. Nycole Reynolds
Reading Specialist

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Mr. Lee Webb
PTA President
(714) 240-1200

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Mrs. Catherine Webb
PTA President
(714) 519-8900

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Mr. Ben Baldonado
PTA  President Elect
(435) 630-5517

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Mrs. Amanda Baldonado
PTA President Elect
(435) 299-5898



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Mrs. Rebecca Guillen

missing-Student ID-5.jpg

Mr. Dylan Kirklin


First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade

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Miss Julie Barnhurst

missing-Student ID-16.jpg

Mrs. Sonja Stokes


Fourth Grade

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Mr. Wes Grimm
Class Code: mrgrimm4

missing-Student ID-4.jpg

Ms. Megan Thorne
Class Code: msmegant


Fifth Grade


Special Education Teachers

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Mrs. Sue Harris

missing-Student ID-18.jpg

Mrs. Chari Hensler

missing-Student ID-27.jpg

Mrs. Jamie McConnell



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Mrs. Connie Wallace

missing-Student ID-43.jpg

Mrs. Cedi Walker
Behavior Coach

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Mrs. Misty Coleman
Tech / Behavior Coach

missing-Student ID-39.jpg

Mrs. Kathy Wells
Music / Art

missing-Student ID-38.jpg

Mrs. Wendy Moon
Media Specialist

missing-Student ID-6.jpg

Mrs. Jeanine Carter

missing-Student ID-19.jpg

Mrs. Amy Ellington
ESL / Copy Aide




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Mrs. Angie Bentley
Lunch Manager

missing-Student ID-53.jpg

Mrs. Krista Steiner

missing-Student ID-27.jpg

Mrs. Megan Jackson
Lunch Secretary

missing-Student ID-24.jpg

Mrs. Natalie Marshall

missing-Student ID-22.jpg

Mrs. Melanie Smith

missing-Student ID-46.jpg

Mrs. Janice Cole



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Mr. Matthew Johnson
Head Custodian

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Mr. Brent Banks
Assistant Custodian

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 6.51.47 PM.png

Mr. Brad Bishop
Night Custodian


Reading Aides

missing-Student ID-13.jpg

Mrs. Miner 

missing-Student ID-38.jpg

Mrs. Tara Maxwell

missing-Student ID-44.jpg

Mrs. Olson 

missing-Student ID-53.jpg

Mrs. Sorenson

missing-Student ID-51.jpg

Mrs. Smith 

missing-Student ID-33.jpg

Mrs. Sizemore

missing-Student ID-1.jpg

Mrs. Stapley


Special Education Aides

missing-Student ID-36.jpg

Mrs. Shalei Harwood

missing-Student ID-49.jpg

Mrs. Melissa Cox

missing-Student ID-26.jpg

Mr. Steve Nixon

missing-Student ID-21.jpg

Mrs. Jenny Jones

missing-Student ID-20.jpg

Mrs. Beth Keate

missing-Student ID-60.jpg

Mrs. Juli Corry


Center Aides

missing-Student ID-31.jpg

 Mrs. Hunt 

missing-Student ID-15.jpg

Mrs. Monson 

missing-Student ID-49.jpg

Mrs. Sherman 

missing-Student ID-30.jpg

Mrs. Robinson